About KUKA Robotics

KUKA Robotics is an innovator in robotics technology. We are among the leading suppliers and manufactures of robotic systems worldwide. We offer a unique and wide range of industrial robots and robotic systems, including all common payload categories and types.

Here at KUKA, we’re dedicated to being one of the world’s leading suppliers of robotics, as well as plant and systems engineering. Our robot technology ensures consistent high quality for capital goods and consumer products from a vast range of different sectors.

KUKA Robotics Products

With our wide range of products, KUKA has all the essentials for your industry’s automation projects. Our product lines vary from:

  • Small robots
  • Robots with low, medium, and high payloads
  • Heavy-duty robots
  • Customized robots

KUKA’s powerful control technology can be tailored to specific requirements of your system. Changing production requirements or completely new production tasks is easily adapted with the expansion options of KUKA controllers.

KUKA Robotics Benefits Your Industry

KUKA has been proven to increase quality, efficiency, and profitability in a wide range of industries like:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Agricultural
  • Energy
  • Rail & Freight
  • Consumer Goods

With our promise to deliver industry-leading quality, creativity, dynamism and innovation, we can guarantee a complete robotic solution that’s tailored exactly to your requirements.

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