KR CYBERTECH Nano Series at the IMTS 2016

KUKA is now offering new, high-performance robots in the low payload category – the KR CYBERTECH nano series. KR CYBERTECH nano consists of two product families – KR CYBERTECH nano for handling and assembly of small components and KR CYBERTECH ARC nano specialized in welding applications. Both families are available in different payload variants: the KR CYBERTECH nano with 6, 8 and 10 kg payload capacity with a reach of 1,820, 1,620 and 1,420 mm respectively and the KR CYBERTECH ARC nano with 6 and 8 kg payload capacity with a reach of 1,820 and 1,620 or 1,420 mm.

KR CYBERTECH nano is extremely compact, fast and incredibly agile with the utmost precision. This new series of robots is also equipped for arc welding. The new KUKA hollow wrist shaft measures at 50 mm while at the same time the diameter of the wrist has been reduced to 150.2 mm. The new hollow wrist features a level of performance and quality that enables the robot to move up close to workpieces with infinite rotation and motion precision.

The new KR CYBERTECH nano series is also extremely flexible. These new generations of robots adapt to all possible production circumstances. Whether it is a confined space to a large distance, the KR CYBERTECH nano can master a wide range of different requirements in any desired installation position. And all KR CYBERTECH robots have an identical base frame to offer even more robot integration options and flexible machine management. On the floor, wall, ceiling, or at any other angle the KR CYBERTECH nano means higher production cells and the maximum freedom for manufacturer’s workspaces.

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