LBR iiwa Demonstration at IMTS 2016

KUKA Robotics will showcase the LBR iiwa demonstrating how the robot can be fully utilized in a machine tooling environment by assembling a group of metal gears together. Those attending the show will have the opportunity to observe the robot using contact detection from the force sensors within all axes to properly insert a third gear within two pre-assembled gears.

The LBR iiwa is available in two different payloads: 7kg and 14kg with coordinating reaches of 800mm and 820mm. Both models have integrated, sensitive torque sensors in all seven axes giving the robot contact detection capabilities and programmable compliance to avoid collisions. This feature guarantees maximum safety and completely eliminates the need for expensive, space-intensive safety fences. The torque sensors even enable the automation of delicate assembly tasks for force-controlled joining operations and process monitoring.

Scroll through the PDF below to read the complete press release about the event.
Kuka Robotics

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