New and Innovative Solutions for Palletizing and Packaging at PACK EXPO 2017 Las Vegas

KUKA Robotics will be among 1,800+ world-class industry exhibitors at Pack Expo Las Vegas in booth #C-5208. Pack Expo is North America’s largest, most comprehensive processing and packaging trade show.

Attendees will ‘flip‘ when they visit KUKA Robotics on the show floor with FlipBot. First introduced at SXSW 2017, this demonstration features the KR 6 R900 AGILUS in a bottle flip challenge. But this demonstration is more than thrills, it allows for optimization of complex processes, harnessing large sets of data to help a robot get better at something all on its own. What many do not realize is the technology behind the concept to make sure the robot is not only repeating the motion but being successful each and every time. FlipBot offers a fun but meaningful way to better understand interactive machine learning and to integrate other advances in robotics and software into any application solution.

KUKA will feature three KR 6 R900 AGILUS robots in an application utilizing software technology in both conveyor and vision for a pick and place demonstration. By using vision and load balancing technology, the KR AGILUS robots will quickly pick and place randomly positioned components from one moving conveyor into straight lines on another. The vision software from KUKA simplifies the traceability of customer products and can safeguard quality and reduce costs due to greater efficiency and productivity using automatic checks. With the KR AGILUS family, the speed and accuracy make the performance unique in its payload category and offers impressive results combined with minimized cycle times. This small robot family has a payload availability from 3 kg to 10 kg with a reach of 540 mm to 1,100 mm and is available in over 34 different variations including waterproof and cleanroom.

Monday September 25, 2017 from 1 – 4 PM, KUKA Robotics will be hosting Robots, Wine and Cheese. This in-booth reception will offer unique one-on-one time for customers to interact with KUKA packaging experts. Those attending the reception will also have an opportunity to experience the booth demonstrations in more depth.

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