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KUKA Robotics offers an extensive line of automated robotics, software systems, and control technologies for a wide range of industries and applications. Official KUKA Robotics System Partners bring visions to life with custom solutions. These custom solutions are possible by KUKA robots manufactured and distributed with payload capabilities ranging from 6kg to 1300 kg.

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High Quality Products from KUKA

Specializing in building and manufacturing the highest quality German engineered robots, KUKA can customize and adapt robots to fulfill the customer’s needs. For decades, KUKA has been an innovative leader in the automated robotics industry, and has pushed the boundaries of technology and robotic advancement to become worldwide robotic pioneers.

Industrial robots can provide a simple, robotics-based solution for complex automation tasks. KUKA products are guaranteed to be easily implemented to perform these complex tasks and result in the highest quality product outcome. KUKA offers the widest range of products for any industry and application.

Fast & Precise KR Agius Robot - Brochure - KUKA Robotics

Small Robots

The future of small robots and the masters of speed, our compact, optimized, and reliable small robots are some of the highest in their class. By utilizing the world’s most dependable and top-selling PC-based control platform, the KUKA robots can be easily integrated and perform within a single control system.

Features and Advantages
  • Minimum Cycle Times
  • Space-Saving Integration
  • Integrated Energy Supply System
  • KR C4 Architecture and Functionalities
  • KUKA SafeOperation
  • Future-Proof
KUKA Small Robot Product Brochures
  • KR Agilus Series
  • KR Agilus sixx series
  • KR Agilus fivve series


Robots for Low Payloads - KUKA Robotics


Low Payload Robots

Small-scale activities like testing, assembly of small parts, grinding, polishing and bonding are made simple with the KUKA low payload industrial robots. With strength in bonding, sealing, foaming, and all tasks requiring high path accuracy, these robots are designed for high-efficiency automation with optimal reach, high payload capacity, and a level of performance that is above any other in its class.

Features and Advantages
  • Durable and Low Maintenance
  • Flexible
  • Process-Optimized
  • Space Optimized
  • Heat-Resistant
 KUKA Low Payload Robot Product Brochures



Robots for Medium Payloads - KUKA Robotics


Medium Payload Robots

KUKA robots with medium payloads are built to perform anything from simple handling tasks to complex operations. This automated solution is designed to withstand a wide range of applications, even when subjected to high processes forces. Ideal for: path accuracy, milling, drilling, water jet cutting, laser welding, and other layering projects. These robots are future-proof and an innovative step towards the future itself.

Features and Advantages
  • Space-Optimized
  • Quality Standard
  • Robust
  • Low Maintenance
  • Precisely Programmable
KUKA Medium Payload Robot Product Brochures



Robots for High Payloads - KUKA Robotics


High Payload Robots

KUKA robots from the high payload range are crucial partners with their long reach and flexibility. With reaches from 1,750-3,900mm and payload capacity from 90-300kg, this single robot family is more versatile and powerful than any previous robots in its class. Ideal for: welding, handling, and loading/unloading tasks.

KR QUANTEC Series are designed for a wide range of customized applications. This series is setting industry standards both technically and economically thanks to advanced precision, performance, and energy efficiency.

Advantages and Features
  • Streamlined
  • Compact
  • Small Footprint
  • Low Maintenance
  • Precise
  • Long Reach
KUKA High Payload Robot Product Brochures

Robots for Heavy Payloads - KUKA Robotics

Heavy-Duty Robots

KUKA heavy-duty robots are built for heavy payload capacity and complex work sequences. These robots are masters at reliable handling and processing large, heavy, complex parts, and are experts with linking work processes, tending machines, and palletizing. KUKA exceeds in adapting robots to perform specialized tasks in foundry settings with the ability to withstand extreme elements, ideal for heat-resistant applications.

Advantages and Features
  • Flexible
  • Powerful
  • Easy Integration
  • Positionally Accurate
  • Long Reach
KUKA Heavy-Duty Robot Product Brochures




LBR iiwa Robot with Sensory Capabilities - Brochure - KUKA Robotics


LBR iiwa

The LBR (Lightweight Robot) iiwa (intelligent industrial work assistant) is an innovative and advanced industrial robotic development that redefines the standards and possibilities for industrial robots. The LBR iiwa brings together humans and robots to work safely and efficiently together on highly sensitive tasks. With LBR iiwa, a new era in sensitive robotics is beginning.

Advantages and Features
  • Agile, lightweight construction
  • 7 axis
  • Sensitive touch
  • High efficiency
  • Collaborative
  • Cost-effective


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