KUKA Robotic Applications

Robots have changed manufacturing technology. Today, KUKA is working to advance industries by equipping them with a wide range of innovative robotics. These industries are growing in demand and all have unique needs specific to different applications and automated processes.

The advantages of incorporating industrial robotic applications can be seen at various levels in your company. With the use of these robots, product quality, production times, safety, and savings are significantly increased. Industrial automated robotics have the capacity to dramatically improve day-to-day functions, efficiency, and time management.

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Advantages of KUKA Robots

KUKA Robotics has been manufacturing and providing high-quality, efficient, and cutting-edge robotic technology for years. KUKA robotic applications are built for everything from factory use and material handling to joint motion robotic automation in medicine and cardiac surgery.

As a leading supplier and manufacturer of robotic systems worldwide and an innovator in robotics technology, KUKA trains and equips companies with the products and tools to keep industrial robotics profitable. With a wide range of industrial robots, software solutions, control technologies, and customized system applications, KUKA is able to set industry standards and provide consistent, high-quality products.

KUKA Robotic Applications

Robots for the Welding Industry - KUKA Robotics

Arc Welding

The HW (Hollow Wrists) robots are the absolute specialists for arc welding. Our unique, durable, and trusted design allows for heavy payloads, hard-to-reach weld seams, and infinite rotation with the sixth axis making the arc welding processes faster and more efficient.

Advantages of KUKA Robotics in Arc Welding:

  • One Control System
  • Reduced Need for Reworking
  • KUKA ArcTech Basic Optional Software Package
  • Low Maintenance
  • Custom-Tailored Solutions

Compatible Robotic Solutions:

  • KR 16 L8 ARC HW
  • KR 16 ARC HW
  • KR 5-2 ARC HW
  • KR 5 ARC/KR 6
  • KR 16/KR 16 L6-3
  • KR 30 L 16-2

KR Quantec PA Arctic for Freezing Weather - Brochure - KUKA RobotsAutomotive Robotic Solutions

The automotive industry has relied upon robotics and automation for over 30 years, and today, 75% of a car is manufactured by the components industry. As the industry grows, develops, and advances, so does the profitability and usage of robotics. KUKA robots are some of the most innovative, powerful, and precise machines available and have the capacity for a wide range of task performances like welding, foundry operations, laser applications, and palletizing.

Advantages of KUKA Robotics in Automotive Supply and Manufacturing:

  • Reduced Need for Reworking
  • Multi-Task Performance
  • User-Friendly Control Technology
  • Executes Dangerous Tasks Easily
  • High Processing Flexibility

Compatible Robotic Solutions:

  • KR QUANTEC Series
  • KR AGILUS Series
  • KR 16-3 L8 ARC HW
  • KR 16-2
  • KR 16 ARC HW

Robots for Electronics Industry - Brochure - KUKA Robotics

Electronic Robotic Solutions

The demanding electronic manufacturing industry is always changing and adapting new products to reflect consumer needs. KUKA robots ensure the highest precision when handling electronic products by promoting unprecedented speed and automation to match the fast-paced demand of the industry’s growth.

Advantages of KUKA Robotics in Electronics:

  • Master Small Workpieces
  • Integrate Intelligent Automation into Assembly Process
  • Shorter Time-to-Market Cycles
  • Increase Efficiency

Compatible Robotic Solutions:

  • KR 6-2 and KR 16-2 Series
  • KR AGILUS Series



Robots for Food Industry - KUKA Robotics

Food, Beverage, Sanitation, and Packaging Robotic Solutions

Food and beverage packaging for consumer consumption is a unique and challenging industry, and makes up over 40% of production costs. The repetitive motions of loading and unloading food and beverage robotic automation, the strict standard for hygiene regulations and sanitation, and the need for manual packaging growing, KUKA provides customized solutions for every requirement.

Advantages of KUKA Robotics in Food Packaging:

  • Adept for low-temperature working conditions
  • One Control System
  • Heavy Payload Capabilities
  • Software and Programming:
    • KUKA.PLC mxA
    • KUKA.FlexPal
    • KUKA.VisionTech
    • KUKA.ConveyorTech

Compatible Robotic Solutions:

  • KR 300-2 PA/KR 470-2 PA
  • KR 30-3 AND KR 60-3 Series
  • KR 16 Series
  • KR 1000 TITAN PA
  • KR 700 PA
  • KR AGILUS Series
  • KR 40 PA

Robots for Foundry & Forging Industry - KUKA Robotics

Foundry Robotic Solutions

The working conditions in the foundry and automotive industries can be difficult on the human body, which is why here at KUKA, we offer 48 high-performance robot types. Our robots are designed to withstand harsh environments with protective and resistant coating and meet the highest standards and requirements for protection.

Advantages of KUKA Robotics in Foundry:

  • Highest Payload Capacity in Category
    • Wide range of payloads
  • One Control System
    • Four control modules in one system
  • Low Maintenance
  • Optional Programming
    • KUKA.PLC mxA
    • KUKA.CNC
    • KUKA.Slip-Casting

Compatible Robotic Solutions:

  • KR QUANTEC F Series
  • KR 16-2 F Series
  • KR 30/60 F Series
  • KR FORTEC F Series
  • KR 1000 TITAN F Series
  • KR AGILUS Series
  • KR 210-2 F Exclusive

Robots for Machine Tooling - KUKA Robotics

Machine Tool

Robot-based automation from KUKA allows the machining industry to keep up with the demanding quality requirements while improving productivity. With KUKA robotics you can: perform downstream tasks, counter price fallings efficiently, meet tight deadlines, and decrease the time between technical modifications.

Advantages of KUKA Robotics in Machining:

  • Shorter Machining Times
  • 24-Hour Operation
  • Easy Installation and User-Friendly
  • One Central User Interface

Compatible Robotic Solutions:

  • KR AGILUS Series
  • KR 16-2
  • KR 30-3 and KR 60-3 Series
  • KR QUANTEC Series
  • KR QUANTEC K Series

Robots for Palletizing - KUKA Robotics


Palletizing robots need to be high speed, with a large work envelope, minimum interference contours, and maximum robustness. The KUKA robots for palletizing applications are specifically engineered palletizing and depalletizing tasks with payload ranges from 40 kg-1,300 kg. These robotics are some of the highest in their class.

Advantages of KUKA Robotics in Palletizing:

  • Shorter Cycle Times
  • Increased Throughput
  • Low Space Requirements
  • Cost Effective
  • Streamlined

Compatible Robotic Solutions:



Robots for the Plastics Industry - KUKA Robotics


KUKA robots for the plastics industry are reducing energy consumption and laying the groundwork for future automation solutions. With low weight and volume, dynamic performance and short cycle times, reliable planning, and deep reach, KUKA’s robotic systems are revolutionizing plastic applications.

Advantages of KUKA Robotics in Plastics:

  • 95% Less Energy Consumption
  • Low Maintenance
  • Familiar Interface
  • Energy Saving Boost

Compatible Robotic Solutions:

  • KR AGILUS Small Robot Series
  • KR QUANTEC K Series
  • KR QUANTEC Series
  • KR 16 Series
  • KR 30/60-4 KS Series

Industry leading KUKA robotics innovations are built to improve and grow the manufacturing industry. If you have any questions about our robots or want to schedule a live demo, contact us today.

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